Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Life In Tokelau

It was alright traveling back to my island with my family and friends. Traveling by boat left me sick but the thing I liked about it was that I got to sleep right through the trip. Lying there happily thinking about my studies. I was so happy that I finished it before I returned home. We arrived around 5 to 6 o'clock, so I had to help my uncle prepare our food.

Going back to preparing and catching our food was mostly challenging but I got through it. Fishing was fun especially when we could jump into the water after we cached our meal. We had to take the scales off, then separate the skin, meat and the bones. I helped with taking the scales off and cooking it with coconut juice. I also help my aunt peel off the skin from the cassava. I didn’t really like eating the fish cooked with the coconut oil, so my uncle left me some raw fish so I could eat.

I met a lot of new people, mostly relatives I haven’t met. Spending time with them was important to me because you don’t really  know when something bad might happen them.

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