Thursday, 10 December 2015


1. Yay I won

Screenshot 2015-11-19 at 2.09.44 PM.png2. Does that relate to your learning Isabell

3. You get detention Isabell for playing silly games

4. Hahahahah shame Isabell

5. Haha shame Isabell you got detention hahaha

6. That's not nice Vaimoana
Screenshot 2015-11-19 at 10.05.56 AM.png

7. Why were you playing music on Youtube

8. Meaalofa: Everybody concentrate or else you all get detention
Screenshot 2015-11-19 at 2.04.20 PM.png

Isabell: Everybody is concentrating on their learning while Isabell is playing silly games on her chromebook. Meanwhile Miss Ginders snaps Isabell playing games, on teacher dashboard. Isabell gets detention and Vaimoana and Sylvia start laughing.
Vaimoana and Sylvia: Haha shame Isabell  you got detention because Miss Ginders caught you on your chromebook playing games.
Meaalofa: Vaimoana and Sylvia that's not nice.
Vaimoana and Sylvia: hahahaha Isabell so funny.
Miss Ginders: Snaps Vaimoana and Sylvia laughing at Isabell.
Now Vaimoana and Sylvia has a consequence.
A few minutes later Miss Ginders hears music from Joseph, James and Min Zin Chromebook. She stopped the class and asked all of us who was playing music on their chromebook. Everybody shook their heads except the 3 boys. Now they have detention with Isabell and Vaimoana. Meaalofa: Everybody concentrate on your learning now before you all get detention.

Be in the right place, at the right time!

The Movie We Have Created

On Monday 11 November room 9, 10, 11, 12 and some of the room 7 and 6 people went to Sylvia Park to see the movies we made and Point England made. We had to go on a bus to Sylvia Park. We watched lots of movie especially Point England.

Movie Reviw On Our Favorite Movie

Movie Reviews
With Room Nine

Movie Title
Law and Order
Pt England
Class/Year Level
Room 1
Summary/Description of the film
Two boys were trying to find out who made this lady scared
Your Opinion
I think that it is cool and funny
The comment you left
Link to this movie

First Day With Our Chromebook At Home

Screenshot 2015-12-09 at 10.23.17 AM.pngOn Tuesday week 7 room 9 parents had to come to see our learning we have done through the year on our chromebook. First room 9 had to make a Wevideo to show our parents our learning. We had to invite someone from our family to come and see our Wevideo. When we finished showing our Wevideo to our parents we could then take it home.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

My Term 4 Goals

These are my tern 4 goals I have created for people in the world to know that I am responsible person to look after my self and to also focus on my learning.

My Wevideo

This is my Wevideo I have created to show everyone that I am at the right place at the right time. This video shows you lots of my learning on my Chromebook. Please watch it.

The All Blacks Games They Been Through

Room 9 had to work on a Google slide all about the All Blacks. We had to pick five different places from London to talk about. We also had to pick five players from the All Blacks team and talk about them.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The All Blacks Win

The All Blacks Win
It’s a fantastic Sunday morning. Who do you think will win the 2015 rugby world cup. The 2015 rugby world cup was played in London. The final game was so exciting there were a lot of people there to see the final game. 
Australia finally made a try. Dan Carter’s drop goal was awesome. He stood in the middle and kicked the ball into the middle of the goal post. Every one went so crazy when Dan Carter kicked the drop goal. My favourite part was when Ma’a Nonu made the try. After the All Black's won the crowd went so crazy. The Wallabies got given a silver medal and the All Blacks had a gold medal. When they finished Richie McCaw was given the trophy for 2015 just like 2011. 
When it was finished SBW’s fan ran out from the crowed to see SBW. When he was running the security man ran out and tackled him to the floor and it was sad for him. Then SBW gave his gold medal to his fan and hugged him. That was an awesome final game for 2015. Thank you All Blacks for competing for our country.
Congratulations to the All Blacks!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

What Makes A Blog post Spical

We had to write down sentences of how me and my buddy liked blog posts. We had to write down how we liked the post and we had to write our favorite blog post.

Friday, 4 September 2015

My Book Review

On this slide is a view of all the books my teacher has give me to read. First I had to read the whole book and then write down on one slide the title, the author and the illustrator. Under the illustrator is a plot summary. I had to write down a little bit about what I have read. On the next bit is a recommendation. I had to write down what I liked in the story. On the bottom is the rating I gave the book.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald

On Tuesday morning we went to the multi purpose room to see a show about crossing the road safely with Ronald McDonald. When we were waiting Mrs Petersen was talking about how to behave yourself when someone is talking.
When Ronald McDonald came in he started talking about how to cross the road safely and he sang us a song called, ‘Stop, Look, and Listen Before You Use Your Feet’. While he was at our school he was also looking for his sock that he had lost.

Kids you must remember,
every time you're in the car,
and it makes no difference
if you’re going near or far.

If you’re in the front seat,
or if you’re in the back,
click goes your seatbelt,
before you hit the track.

Click goes your seatbelt,
click, click, click,
when you take a ride,
you’ve got to belt up quick.

Tell all your friends and your family, that’s the trick.
Click goes your seatbelt,
click, click, click,
Make it click.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

My Blog Comment I Have Written To My Friend

Screenshot 2015-07-28 at 12.10.18 PM.png

We are learning to write quality blog comments. Here on top is a screenshot of my quality blog comment and it is also my first comment I have written for someone that is my best friend. My comment I have written is helpful and also positive. I’ve also have been reading through my writing before publishing it to my personal blog. I have added my name and it has a link to my personal blog. My blog comment is showing me that when Miss Grant asks me if I could write a positive comment to someone I know I could do it myself.  

Punctuation Most Wanted

Goals For Term 3

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Explanation On The Water Cycle

Water Cycle Image (1).png

How does the water cycle work?

The water cycle happens all around the world and it is also called the hydrologic cycle. It goes round and round and never ever stops because if it rains it then goes into the drain, lakes, ponds, river and into puddles. Water evaporates from these places into the sky and turns into droplets that form clouds. Clouds then lose their water like rain or snow, which is called precipitation. Water cycle never stop.

Remembering: when you guys use water for something always remember to turn the tap off before you do anything else.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Keeping My Google Account Secure And Unique!

We have been learning to create a strong password and making sure our Google account is secure.
How to keep your Google account secure by making a stronger password. I used a sentence I only know from a song and I have also used the first letters in each word. You can add different numbers and capital letters to make it stronger. Passwords that are not strong like letmein, 123, Mary [dogs name] and words that gives information about your self. 

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Top Tip Poster.

We have been learning keyboard shortcuts on our Chromebooks.We want to become smart users so we can be Cybersmart digital learners.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Dear Family

Dear Family Image by Vaimoana

We have arrived here at Gallipoli at world war one and I am feeling scared already. It is very good to hear from you guys. We have begun. Everywhere I look all I see around me is dead people. I am feeling scared all reedy. Because all I hear is boom, boom and ahhhhhh! ahhhhhh!.I am enjoying reading the letters you have sent from home to me. I have loved you when we were coming into Gallipoli in a humongous ship. I miss you all terribly every day I think of you every time I go out there and suffer for all of you guys. I love you with all my might.

Love: Vaimoana

Letter By Vaimoana

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Hi my name is Vaimoana.

Screenshot 2015-05-15 at 2.16.01 PM.png
Malo e lelei [ko hoku hingoa ko Vaimoana] Hi my name is Vaimoana. My nationality is  Tongan. I am a year 6 student at Ruapotaka primary School. My favorite subjects at school are maths and reading. I love learning interesting words from my lovely teacher Miss Ginders. She is the one I love working with. My favorite sport is soccer because I love kicking the ball to others in my team. My class is a kind and loving class. I love learning in Room 9. Thank you for reading my information about me.