Tuesday, 4 August 2015

My Blog Comment I Have Written To My Friend

Screenshot 2015-07-28 at 12.10.18 PM.png

We are learning to write quality blog comments. Here on top is a screenshot of my quality blog comment and it is also my first comment I have written for someone that is my best friend. My comment I have written is helpful and also positive. I’ve also have been reading through my writing before publishing it to my personal blog. I have added my name and it has a link to my personal blog. My blog comment is showing me that when Miss Grant asks me if I could write a positive comment to someone I know I could do it myself.  


  1. Kia ora Vaimoana, I have just read your blog post this evening and was very impressed at the quality of your commenting and learning. As well as checking your comment against the criteria I can see that you have also taken time to create a unique title and add all your cybersmart labels. This is an awesome beginning for your first blog comment. Well done.

    Mrs Grant

  2. Malo e lelei Miss Grant
    I’ve been looking through my comment and all I see is a nice comment from Miss Grant. I thank you very much for teaching me how and to use my chromebook confidently and storage. I love working with you Miss Grant.


  3. Kia ora Vaimoana

    I was so impressed when I saw this post. You have demonstrated that you are a Cybersmart learner and are clearly making the most of the opportunities Mrs Grant and Miss Ginders are providing.

    Keep it up

    Mrs Burt

  4. Kia orana Mrs Burt
    Thank you very much for commenting on my learning and also saying positive things like you have learnt when you were young. I love people commenting on my blog because I like commenting back to them. I will keep commenting on others peoples blogs and also say positive and quality things about their learning.
    Thank you