Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Explanation On The Water Cycle

Water Cycle Image (1).png

How does the water cycle work?

The water cycle happens all around the world and it is also called the hydrologic cycle. It goes round and round and never ever stops because if it rains it then goes into the drain, lakes, ponds, river and into puddles. Water evaporates from these places into the sky and turns into droplets that form clouds. Clouds then lose their water like rain or snow, which is called precipitation. Water cycle never stop.

Remembering: when you guys use water for something always remember to turn the tap off before you do anything else.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Keeping My Google Account Secure And Unique!

We have been learning to create a strong password and making sure our Google account is secure.
How to keep your Google account secure by making a stronger password. I used a sentence I only know from a song and I have also used the first letters in each word. You can add different numbers and capital letters to make it stronger. Passwords that are not strong like letmein, 123, Mary [dogs name] and words that gives information about your self.