Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Keeping My Google Account Secure And Unique!

We have been learning to create a strong password and making sure our Google account is secure.
How to keep your Google account secure by making a stronger password. I used a sentence I only know from a song and I have also used the first letters in each word. You can add different numbers and capital letters to make it stronger. Passwords that are not strong like letmein, 123, Mary [dogs name] and words that gives information about your self. 


  1. Malo e lelei Vaimoana
    I have been learning how to create a strong password also. I’ve learnt from your blog how to create a very strong password. I hope nobody will guess your password. Would you like to help me create a stronger password?
    from Vaimoana

  2. Malo lelei Vaimoana
    Hi Vaimoana you have helpful tips for strong passwords. I like how you explained about creating your strong passwords. We have been using similar tips for strong passwords. One day we should work together because I have some good ideas too. From Meaalofa.