Monday, 4 December 2017

R.I.P Aunty Siololupe Piei

Sunrise: 12.05.1964
Sunset: 22.10.2017

Getting a early call in the morning well I'm sleeping was so suspicious. Finding out that it was my mums sister in law that was calling and telling us to rush to the hospice. My mind filled with worry and fear hoping that everything was fine. Strolling down the corridor with silence surrounding me causing me to hear little drips of water. Hearing my cousin crying her eyes out caused me to tear up as well. I walked silently into the room with tears running down my cheeks.

We were all told that Siolo couldn't talk but she could still hear what everyone was muttering. Waiting for the news was so scary but in my mind I knew that it was going to be her last breaths today. I sat next to her bed holding her hand and talking to her. I was telling her that everyone will miss you very much. They will miss your smile, your laugh and especially your face. I could see her tears running down her face, so I gently wiped it with a tissue. I also told her that I was the luckiest person in my family to celebrate my birthday with her before she went.

#❤Miss you aunty😭
Good Bye Siololupe Piei Telefoni. R.I.P till we meet again.

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