Friday, 3 March 2017

Every Child Has Hopes & Dreams

Today after fitness Rooms 11 and 12 had two special visitors who came from the Everyday Theatre.
They came to our school to educate us about child helplines. The two visitors started off with a little play with six characters. T, Jack, Marea, Beca, Dave and Brian. Only two people acted out all the characters.

When the actressess finished acting out the story,we had different kinds of activityies to do. There was one activity when we had to get into a big donut and talk about the story. The second activity was not that cool but it was fun to play. We had to pair up and the shortest had to be Dave and the tallest had to be T. My partner was Isabell and I was the tallest. There was one activity when we had to pretend that we were pictures by standing still and not moving. My group had to act out when Dave first hit Marea.

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