Friday, 10 March 2017

Tabloids Day

On Wednesday the 15th we had our very first tabloids with house colours! There were four teams altogether whero, kowhai, kakariki and kikorangi. I was in team kikorangi. Each team was split into 2 groups, that made 8 groups altogether. We had to get as many points as possible for our team.

One of my favorite tabloids activities was Mrs Holbricks one. She put us into two equal groups, we had to walk down to a hula hoop with a beanbag on our heads and if we dropped it,  we had to start all over again. When we got to the hula hoop we had to throw the beanbag into a bucket 5 to 6 feet away from the hula hoop. If we got it in we got a point,  if we did't get it in then we got no points. The group with the most points won. My group got the most in so we won.

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