Tuesday, 9 August 2016

World's Smelliest Flower

flowerThe world's smelliest flower has bloomed in New York and it stinks! The rare flower, a corpse flower, known for its stench, has been on display in New York. The rare plant is called the corpse flower because it smells a bit like rotting meat or sick. It's one of the biggest flowering plants on earth and can grow up to six foot as tall as a grown man. The flower usually takes 10 years from seed to first flower and after that blooms again every two to three years for just a couple of days.  The last time a corpse flower was displayed in New York was in 1939. 


  1. Hello Vaimoana, the does look like a smelly flower. I wonder how New York feels at the moment don't you? Wow I like how you write that.
    From prudence

  2. Hi Vaimoana, I like the information that you have put in to your work.